Dr. Suess and Superheros

This was such a #fun way to spend my morning. As soon as this mommy booked with me and we started planning what she wanted, I knew not to expect the normal. "We want funny photos" she said while we were chatting about the type of images she wanted. I asked if she could give me a little direction on what she meant, because everyone can have a different opinion of what that means, and especially when capturing those precious memories of your baby. She sent me some images of things she was wanting, and I got to work planning. It is always best to try and book your newborn sessions as soon as possible, in case you have something specific in mind that you would like to see. Whether it be a certain colour, or prop, it gives your photographer plenty of time to plan, and order things if need be.

This family has a love for books, and they wanted to make sure they found a fun way to incorporate that into their session. I think we nailed it with this #DrSuess set up. What do you think?

Even though we had other ideas for this shoot, if baby wants to only be swaddled, you just have to roll with it. A good #newbornphotographer will know that baby dictates everything. It doesn't matter what you want to happen in the session, or the flow you have in mind. If baby likes, or doesn't like to be #swaddled then baby gets that. If baby just wants mom to hold them, that that's what they get. And don't forget to make time for feedings, and diaper changes. We originally wanted baby with chin in hands on the books, but we soon realized that any pose we were going to do was going to be like this, and that was OK.

In the end we were able to do one photo not wrapped, and I think this is such a special one to have, as the #fox outfit was made with love from a close friend. I am a total sucker for sentimental in my photos! I am completely in love with this session, and I hope you are too!

And how can you not love a baby surrounded by #superheros ? This little guy is going to grow up knowing he can be whatever he wants, and there is nothing standing in his way. Not even #batman or #thor

I am a huge sucker for a black and white photo as well. I think they are timeless, and if you do not have one or two, or twelve B&W images in your wall gallery at home you are missing out!!

Ahhh, look at that smirk he is giving!! This is giving me all the #feels

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