Hallmark Christmas movies, and Chai Lattes

Hallmark movies and Chai Lattes

The start of December is always so busy for a photographer. Finishing up Christmas mini sessions, newborn sessions, and other family sessions. Throw in wrapping presents, buying teacher presents, and just to make it even more fun, let’s have about 12 Christmas parties… it can leave anyone a little burned out.

I try to fit everything in, in the first two weeks of December, so that I can spend the last couple weeks of the year doing the things that I love. Spending time with family, making new memories, and relaxing the way I love to. Watching Christmas Hallmark movies and drinking Chai Lattes.

For the first couple weeks, I spent the days driving to and from school and daycare, buying Christmas presents, and doing sessions. I make my girls dinner, clean the house, read my girls a bedtime story, and then lay with them. Afterwards, I would get my iPad out, make my Latte, get my p.j’s on, go to my desk that my wonderful hubby made me, and get editing photos on the computer. One may not think this sounds very fun, but I love what I do. I love being able to spend time with my family and doing a job that I would never even think of calling a job.

When you hear someone say that they are a photographer, you think that what they mainly do is take pictures, when is actuality that is only about 5% of the job. A big chunk of time is spent at the computer, editing, marketing, book keeping, keeping up your social media - the list goes on. It is easy to fall into the trap of just work, which is why I love December. It helps me keep my focus, I work so hard, so that I can enjoy time spent with friends and family,

Now don’t get me wrong. Just because I am not booking sessions for this month, does not mean I am not working. I am spending hours fine tuning my plan for the next year. Goal setting and planning. This is where my jimmies go on, the fireplace is turned on have my tea nice and hot, and I get out my day timer, and notebook. Yes; I like to write it down instead of putting it on my phone. It helps me visualize and achieve my goals. As I take a deep breathe in of my tea, and watch that the city girl falls for the small town boy on Christmas Day, I know that next year will be just as great if not better than life is right now!

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