I'm a work in progress, and that's OK

This crazy thing we call life... something always seems to come up. Whether it is sleeping in on a Monday and spilling your coffee, or stepping on lego while chasing after little ones - and then spilling your coffee, it is easy to push aside the things on your never ending to-do list because life just seems to get in the way.

I have been dreaming about my next post since... well since the beginning of the year, and something has always come up. I am editing photos, I will post something once I'm done. Oh now its 1am and I got caught up on an awesome session that I just can't stop working on, and my girls are going to be crawling into my bed waking me up in just a few hours... I'll post something tomorrow. Well here it is, tomorrow has finally come, and I have sent off my last session to my clients for their final picks, and it is only 8:15. This is my here and now, and I am not going to let life get in my way this time.

What I think I am finally figuring out in life, is things don't just happen naturally. If you want something you have to find a way to make it happen. This photography business I want to make happen, and there is no more sitting back and letting things happen, If it is meant to be it will happen is no longer in my vocabulary. If it's meant to be, I am going to go out there and make it happen. Let's make the best of this life and do what makes us happy.

That being said, I am a work in progress. I am not going to dwell on the times if something does come up, and I fall behind again, No. I am going to pick myself back up, dust me off, and start all over again, because, well, I am a work in progress. But I'm loving it.

A picture of my last awesome session!

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