Is it too soon to think about a Cake Smash?

I know, I know, if feels as though your baby was just born, and now, everyone is asking if you are doing a cake smash?

Who is the cake smash really for? Mom? Baby? Family? Grandma? In truth, it really is for everyone just listed. Moms love capturing moments of their babies growing up. Sometimes during a session your little babe will dive right into a cake, and sometimes they will cry and want nothing to do with a cake. But the same thing is true in both scenarios - you will have memories created that will be able to last a lifetime. You will be able to document just what they looked like, and their personalities at 1.

If you have read this, and think that this is something that you are interested in, when would be the best time to book a session? This can depend, but you will usually want the session before baby turns 1, this way you have photos for their birthday. I usually say that around the 11 month mark you would want to have your session. At this age, baby is usually not quite walking confidently but able to stand. This gives different shots, where you can have you little one sitting or standing, but they are not going to run away from the camera yet. And most photographers have anywhere between a 1-3 week turnaround time which would mean you would get your photos back just in enough time if you want to use the images for a birthday party, or thank you cards.

So if you are wanting your session at around 11 months old, when should you be looking to talk with your photographer? It really is never too early. I had a client once book her daughters cake smash photo just weeks after her newborn session!!

But really it is good to be prepared, especially if you have a vision or theme that you want. I know I always want to make it as easy as possible on the parents for their session. That means I will contact a baker and have a cake made (which usually needs a couple weeks notice). If you have something in mind you want the session to look like, I want to make sure if I don't have the right outfit or props that I have time to get that. Sometimes that means I am making/ordering/ or buying very specific items. The more time to get this ready, the better chance everyone will be more relaxed at the time of the session and all you will have to do is sit back and relax!!

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