Mom's, get in that picture!!

Mom’s… Get in the picture!

I’ve been there, you come home from the hospital with your new little bundle of joy, you are so overcome with such love and happiness that you never knew could even exist. Then, the next few days you are consumed with how much baby is sleeping, eating, and pooping. You are not sleeping, maybe not even showering. Then; bam! You remember you have your newborn baby photo session the next day. You haven’t brushed your hair in days, maybe your roots are showing that little bit of gray, and you just realized that the only clothes that still fit you, are now covered in spit up.

That’s it, the decision is made. You are going to go to the session, but you are going to ask to just have photos of your baby taken, or maybe you are going to ask to get one of those “shots” where you only see your hands holding your baby.

I’m here to tell you to get in the pictures.

One day very soon, your baby will not be so little anymore. Those tiny little toes, and fingers, and mouth, ears and nose. They quickly change. How they looked and felt in your arms, you will never forget, but it may not be as vivid of a memory. It maybe more of a distant memory.

Now, as the years go on, I’m sure that your not so little on, will sometimes ask to look at photos. Now I am hoping that you have some that are printed, or in an album, and not just on your phone, but no matter how you are looking through your photos with your baby, I’m guessing at one point, your baby may ask you where you are in the photos.

As the mom, we hold many jobs. And usually being the one behind the camera or phone is the one that we try to do. Our hair is not done, or we say once we lose a few more pounds, then we will feel better to be in front of the camera. But what are we going to tell our babies when they ask us where are we?

I can promise you one thing, if you were in those photos, your baby would not be asking you all those questions that were running through your mind when you did not want to be in the photos. You are going to look at you baby, who is now looking at photos of the two of you and see your baby smiling. That feeling right there is why you need to be in the photos.

Don’t worry about being tired, or your hair is a mess, or anything else The only thing that matters now is making memories, and by being in photos is how you can do that.

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