Staycation, or Self-Isolation?


As I write this, the whole world is pretty much on a staycation right now. I guess if we are going to be really honest, it’s not a staycation, rather self-isolation, self-quarantine, or lockdown; but if we are trying to put a positive twist on this, lets call this a staycation.

A lot of us are staying home with spouses and kids, we are not all used to being confined 24/7 with everyone. Especially if we have kids at home, working from home, and homeschooling, we are all trying our best to not put our anxiety on to them.

Or, once we are all back to “normal” and we get thrown into work again when this settles, and we want to take a holiday or mini-break, but maybe now we don’t want to fly somewhere, or just want to stay home to save a little bit of money, here are a few ideas that you can do. The most important thing here is to make sure you plan it. You need to know how long you want your staycation to be, and what you want to do. Otherwise you will probably just watch a bunch of Netflix (That can also be what you want to do – no judgement!).

1) Staycation for the day – Stay inside for the day. Plan to sleep in, eat breakfast in bed or in your pj’s, read a book, go for a walk, watch some old reruns, bake, any of these that make you feel happy and relaxed is a great idea. Fill your day up with things that make you smile

2) Camp in your backyard – This one is great especially if you have little kids. We are actually planning this one this summer. Set up a tent, and plan to stay outside all day and night. Pack everything up including food, and activities. Pack S’mores, hotdogs, flashlights for scary stories, set up a fire (safely of course) or make a make believe fire for the little ones. The most important part of this one is turn off your phones!

3) Drive and look at the stars with some hot chocolate – There is something relaxing about looking up at the sky and seeing so many tiny little stars, and fresh air. Grab some hot cocoa, a blanket or two, some chairs and go for a drive. We are very fortunate to be so close to the mountains, but just drive until you are far away from the city, park your vehicle and spend some quality time with someone, or even just yourself and drink a warm drink and look for a shooting star

4) Restaurant and movie night at home – Pick a meal, go grocery shopping, make sure you have a snack idea and plan which movie you would like to watch. Sometimes just the lead up can be just as fun. Take the time to plan this, if you just have an evening free. Pick a recipe that you have been waiting for the right time to try, cook it; even better if you cook it with your family, but also maybe have a backup if it doesn’t work. After dinner, make a snack that you normally would not have and sit down and watch a movie. If you have kids (or not, no judgement) make a fort in the living room, fill it with pillows, big bowls of popcorn or sundaes and enjoy watching a movie together

5) Fashion show – This is one that my girls love doing. They also love the buildup of this one. The talk and talk non stop about what they are going to wear, the outfit changes, and any accessories they need to make. This can even be a week of lead-up. We then turn our hallway into a runway, add guests (stuffies) and we announce each one as they walk down the hallway – I mean runway. It is so much fun, and can easily take up an entire afternoon

6) Spa night – What better way to finish off a long fashion show then to have a spa night and treat yourself. Do a face mask, soak those toes, do your nails, and anything else that you can think of. Don’t forget to have a little vino, or water with lemon or cucumber to really complete the feel of spa

7) Find a lake and have a picnic – This works really well if we still have to social distance, or not. Getting outside is so great no matter what. And what better place than somewhere with a lake that you can lay a blanket out, with a basket full of snacks, and just sit back and enjoy?

8) Netflix – movie marathon – This really is self-explanatory. I know we all have done this, so you maybe wondering why it needs to be on the list. The reason is, this time, take the guilt out of it. Plan for the day to just unwind, and stay on the couch and watch movies, or binge watch on a series from season one. The point to this one is instead of at the end wondering where the day went, and trying to do something “productive” by the end of the day, just be ok with not having to do anything

These are all great ideas, but it is only just a few. There are so many things we can do, even if we say we don’t have the time.

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