The Details Count in Photography

It’s all in the details for a Photographer

What is so hard about taking photos? That’s a question that I hear a lot. Your job is so easy. You just have to show up and click a few photos and then go home.

If that was the case, then there would be no need for there to even be a profession as a photographer. You would just get your friend, neighbour, sister, or stranger walking down the street to click a photo of you.

A photographers job is much deeper than that. Now I won’t go into all the details of the hours of love and labour that go into the before and afters of a shoot - and believe me there are more hours than you can imagine. But on the day of the session a photographers job is to make sure the details are perfect. Do you want to look back on a photo that you have framed with you and your newborn, and see chipped nail polish, or even the dreaded elastic on the wrist?

Or how about a great outdoor family session, but you can see that dad has a phone in his back pocket? Or at a wedding, and the bride has her necklace clasp at the front. These are the things that we are always looking out for before we take shot. It’s not impossible to fix post processing, but it is was more time consuming and challenging. Instead of spending the time fixing these, maybe we can be spending time including an extra image or two as a surprise to your package session.

Now when we talk about details, it’s not just the appearance of things that help. Think about a newborn session. The details that I make sure to capture within a newborn session everytime, are details of how tiny your baby is. I always make sure to get detail shots of as much as I can. This can include your baby’s 10 tiny toes, tiny puckered lips, ears, eyes or fingers.

I also try and chat before the session and see if there is anything important in the session that you would like to include. For both my girls, with their 1st year cake smash, they both wore a ankle bracelet that was mine when I was young. I have incorporated for a client their grandfathers bassinet, and even some model bikes for a dad. These details are what helps you cherish these moments, and look back every time you look at your photos and smile. It's doing a baking session with family for their grandmother, using their great-great-great grandparents table, and great grandmas baking tools.

For a wedding, I had a client whose father passed away just before their wedding day, they had a pillow made out of her father’s shirt, and without them asking, I had a picture of the brides ring on the pillow. She had a pin and a photo of her father on her boquet so that her father was still there to walk her down the aisle. This alone makes it something that you will always remember and most likely always have a tear run down your face, but to now have a photo so you can remember that as well makes the memory just even more real.

Even this elf “Elfie”; it’s a cute picture, but with the camera also being turned on where you can see the elf in the camera really helps makes the photo.

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