The weather won't stop us

Weather Cold? Raining?

Sure, being outside in a beautiful spot can be the most perfect, breathe-taking backdrop for your family photos. But what happens if the weather is just not cooperating? What do you do?

Does your family have a hobby, or interest that you all do together? If you answered yes to this question, this could be your answer as to what to do when the weather is cold.

Does your family love to bake, or cook together? Why not make it a lifestyle session making your favourite recipe. Do you have a special heirloom in your family? Why not incorporate that? Is it a special rocking chair? How about we have you reading a story to your little ones while you are sitting on the rocking chair? Painting your thing? Why not have a huge, messy, fun paint session with a couple blank canvas’ that you can later hang on your wall?

Game night? Books, Cooking, painting, arts, sitting by your indoor fireplace roasting marshmallows, having a camping evening in your living room? I think you get the idea. I want you to look back at your photos in the years to come, and smile with the memory of your family and who you really were. I want to capture something where you had a funny family inside joke and I caught the laughter on camera, or a look that you are giving your loved ones, or that heirloom being looked at while you explain it to your kids.

Those are the moments that are going to matter.

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