To Cake Smash; or Not to Cake Smash?

#Cakesmash not really your thing? But still wanting to do something to create the #memories of your little one turning 1, or a milestone birthday?

A cake smash is not the only way to do this. Sure, there are many pros to why this is so popular – if you have a great photographer, they have wonderful backdrops, and props. The outfits are adorable, and add a cake, and a fresh one year old, and no matter what the outcome of if the baby wants to smash the cake or not, this all adds up to one #stinkincute photo session.

On anyone’s gallery of these sessions, you will always catch the best photos that your little one gave, which can sometimes give the appearance of a little kid, who loved cake, and just went to town. What you don’t see is all the behind the camera scenes. Sometimes your child, wants nothing to do with the cake. Usually this is the first time most are even having some type of sweets, maybe they don’t even like the taste. There have been times that I have even made the parents tear the cake apart to show their kid what needs to be done.

So what else can you do? You can talk to me! Let’s chat about what your child likes, and doesn’t like. If we can do a session that involves something that your child really does love, you will have a better chance at really catching a genuine smile, and laugh.

For my youngest, she is just about to turn 2. For her first birthday I did her cake smash, so since that was already done, I racked my brain on what else I could do. I have been struggling trying to think what I could do for her birthday party – For my oldest, I was always already done planning months before, so this is not my usual, but unfortunately with being so busy, and her being the second child, somehow her birthday just started creeping up and there’s nothing planned! #momfail

Adorable, but not impressed by this cake!

I know she loves #painting, and being messy. When we do painting and arts and crafts projects, there has not been once where she has not ended up getting paint on her, on the walls, on the dogs and everything in between. So there, I thought I had her party planned, we were going to go to an art store and do a paint project with her friends. But then I realized for a bunch of 2 year olds, the cost and the projects were just not working out, and I didn’t want my house to be the blank canvas for kids to paint. But now that I had painting in my mind, I thought, how can I incorporate painting now???

A #PaintSmash


The outcome was simply perfect, and so very much her. She was just beyond happy, and the photos turned out just #magically her.

So while I love cake smashes, and love to see how the cakes, and outfits all come together, and I love the mess of just letting a kid be a kid, if it is just not something you want to do – or don’t want you child do have a cake, there are many alternatives that we can come up with, whether it be a different type of food, or something totally different.

Tell me how you think these turned out?

I think this is the moment she realized she was allowed to paint anywhere she wanted!

Pure Happiness

You mean I can paint on myself too?!?

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